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Thursday, September 29, 2011

About Me

I am a passionate follower of Jesus Christ, but I'm not religious. To me, God isn't a set of rules to be followed; He's not a moral code, and neither does He love us based upon our behavior. He loves us simply because He created us, and is a God of love. He loved us so much that He sent His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to earth over 2000 years ago, to be an atoning sacrifice for our rebellion against, and independence from, God the Father.

Through His ministry on earth, Jesus showed us the loving character of God, which was most powerfully revealed when He finally died on a Cross for our sake. Through his death, He paid the price for every wicked thought and deed that we would ever have-about ourselves, others and our Creator. Because of His work, we don't have to try to be good enough for God, because that would negate all the suffering that He went through on our behalf. We are accepted and perfect in God's sight, simply because of Jesus' sacrifice.

I don't need to convince others to believe as I do, but I want to talk about my Savior and best friend Jesus because I know that some will find that the gifts of peace, joy and wisdom that He has given me are gifts that they will want, too. And in giving their lives to Him, they will discover that He can offer them life and hope that the world cannot.

So I'm a Christian, but I really prefer to call myself a follower of Jesus Christ, because some people, when they hear the word "Christian" imagine a bigoted, closed-minded, extreme right-wing hater of people with alternative lifestyles. Sadly, some Christians have earned these prejudices, as the church in America has become known more for what it is against, instead of what it is for-which is supposed to be love for all people. Moreover, I doubt my God belongs to a particular political party, that He prefers people of certain colors and relational bents, and that He loves Americans more than He loves Iraquis or Taiwanese.

I aspire to live a life of holiness, according to the principles of the Bible, which I believe is the infallible, inspired Word of God. While it was written by men, God does talk to men, and if a book has been a bestseller for two millenia and hundreds of prophecies have been fulfilled throughout its hundreds of pages...well, it's a pretty good sign that the words are really His. Among another two thousand reasons that I won't go into here.

Without the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, though, the Bible is just words on a page, which can be used to start wars if God's Spirit isn't there to speak truth through them. It's a supernatural book that can't be interpreted by the rational mind, which is probably why many have done irrational things in an attempt to follow it out of their carnal understanding. They have read it apart from relationship with God, which means that they ended up pursuing principles instead of the Power that would inform them as to its particular relevance for their lives.

I have much more to say about my faith and what God has taught me in the days to come. For now, these are some basics about me and the God that I follow.

May the revelations that He gives me be a source of light, wisdom and encouragement for your life, too.


  1. So beautifully and fearfully written. It is nice to "meet" you, Connie. I found your other blog through a series of clicks from one place to another, in this search for truth about me and Lyme Disease. I've seen your YouTube video blogs, and with everything, knew that you had a lot of value and like-mindedness in my battle with Lyme. If you're interested in "meeting" me, you can see my blog as well. Not a Lyme-type blog, but a faith-type one. I have yet to receive my clinical diagnosis... that comes next Thursday. I ask for your prayers. This disease has really affected my heart. I see an electro-physiologist in two days.
    God bless you and all of your insightful work!

  2. Hi Lauren, It's nice to meet you, too! Thanks for your kind comments. :) I pray God would heal you fully and completely, and give you strength and encouragement during the healing process. I know how scary heart symptoms can be- I used to have them, too- but God healed me of those and I am believing Him to heal you, too. Blessings and hugs to you, Connie