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Saturday, August 11, 2012

What's Making People Sick Today...Healing the Underlying Causes of Chronic Illness (in People with Lyme Disease... and Beyond)

In my work as a healing prayer minister, I sometimes witness God supernaturally heal people. I have also witnessed hundreds of healing miracles in the church, and have come to believe that God is willing and able to heal all those who come to Him for healing. Sometimes, He uses medicine to accomplish His purposes, and at other times, He intervenes supernaturally.

I especially love it when God heals people supernaturally, but...

...I am disturbed that the church isn't teaching people about how to prevent disease. Yes, it's wonderful and amazing that God can supernaturally heal diabetes, cancer, Lyme disease and chronic fatigue syndrome- but if the factors that caused those illnesses are not removed from people's lives, the diseases are likely to return.

It seems to me that if we are going to teach people that God heals, then we need to also teach them about how to remain well.

Today, we live in a cesspool of environmental toxicity, which is affecting the health of a high percentage of the population. Even worse, health care options are dictated by pharmaceutical and insurance company interests, which means that drugs are the remedy that most doctors give their patients. And while drugs may manage symptoms, they heal no one, and often exacerbate or create new problems in the body.

In this day and age, it's not enough for the church to ask God for a healing miracle. We need to be taught how to remain healthy, because most conventional medical doctors are not doing it. Mainstream media isn't doing it, and we are living in a time when the once-sufficient advice, "Eat your vegetables, exercise and get enough sleep," will no longer keep most of us healthy.

Throughout my eight-year battle with chronic illness, I have learned a lot about what's making people sick today. Why 1 in 40 children have autism. Why 1 in 10 children are on antidepressants and medication for ADD and ADHD. Why over half the population is overweight. Why the rate of cancer has skyrocketed to one in three people; why Lyme disease is the fastest-growing infectious disease in the country. Why it isn't uncommon nowadays to see children and twenty-something year-old's with chronic illnesses.

Some of us know that something has gone really awry, while the other some of us are being led astray by the drug companies, the government, uneducated doctors and the media, who aren't telling us the truth about where all this sickness is coming from, and what really needs to be done about it.

I was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2004, but it took me several years to fully grasp the reality that what was making me sick wasn't just a handful of tick-borne infections. Rather, a multiplicity of environmental toxins and other societal factors had caused the demise of my body and mind- and people all around me were also being affected by the garbage.

I just finished writing a book, which is intended principally for people diagnosed with Lyme disease. Yet others may find it useful, because it describes factors that are making a lot of people sick today (not just those with Lyme disease!). Many chronic illnesses have similar roots, and disease labels are sometimes just that; labels.

This book will be published sometime over the next 4-6 weeks and is entitled, Beyond Lyme Disease: Healing the Underlying Causes of Chronic Illness in People with Borreliosis and Co-Infections.

In a few weeks I will be publishing a link to the book's webpage, where you can learn more about it and/or purchase it. My prayer is that if you have been diagnosed with Lyme disease, or know somebody who has a chronic illness of unclear origin, that you would read this book, and share it with others. The church (and society!) needs God's healing power, but it also needs His wisdom about how to be well in this day and age of environmental pollution, rushed schedules, toxic food, and a broken health care system. This book provides that, and much more.

May you be blessed!