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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Jewels From My Journal

God speaks to us in many ways. Through nature, events, circumstances, people, books, the Bible, impressions, dreams, visions, and our thoughts.

During my daily prayer time, I generally spend just as much time listening for God's voice as I do speaking to Him. Maybe it's because I'm a writer, but I hear God best through words, sentences and phrases that come to mind whenever I pray. Over the past few years, I have kept a journal of what He has told me through my conversations with Him. I believe that most of the words that are scrawled within this journal are His. I say "most" because my mind has biases and preferences, and my soul carries wounds- which sometimes get in the way of me hearing perfectly from God.

Still, whenever I reflect upon the pages of my journal, I am struck by certain phrases, which I know are from Him, because they are more insightful, optimistic, encouraging and wise than the normal ramble that races across my mind. And they are consistent with His Word and loving character.

Below I share some of the "jewels" of thought that God has given me over the past year, and which I have recorded in my journal during my private times with Him. I share these in the hopes that they will encourage you, too.

What God has said to me:

"When you don't believe I am good, come to Me and I will show you that I am good"

"Stop being practical and live from My promises, not out of your reason."

"Spend more time in the reality of Me than in the reality of what's happening in the world and in your physical body. This is the only way to peace."

"Your greatest struggle isn't poverty, isolation, or sickness. It's your lack of peace. I will teach you how to have peace in every situation, if you come to Me."

"I build trust through uncertain circumstances, not situations of ease."

"You don't have to seek Me, believe Me, or obey Me perfectly in order for My will to be fulfilled in you."

"I can use you, through your mistakes and though your heart's motives towards Me are imperfect."

"I am not the means to your end. I am the end that provides your means."

"If you take to heart the things I have told you about your identity in Me, you will start to see opportunities. It is not opportunities you need, but knowledge of your identity in Me and and who I am for you."

"When people are healed with medicine, there is no recognition that it was because of my Son's work. They may know I blessed the treatment, but it's not the same as understanding that my Son died on a Cross so that they could be (supernaturally) healed. That understanding only happens with miracles."

"Your (healing) testimony isn't going to be that a treatment protocol made you well. Neither you nor your doctors will receive that glory. Only I can heal you fully."

"Remember, every promise I have given you will be challenged by the enemy. When things become especially dark, that is because the dawn is coming."

"Thanking Me and praising Me tears away the veil of lies you believe (about yourself and others)."

"Belief isn't a feeling; it's a choice."

"You want a complicated answer, but the answer is simple: Spend time with Me. That is how you believe and receive. By knowing who I Am."

"Do more things that inspire you. This will teach you how to live out of your heart, not your mind."

"There is grace for your suffering, but at the same time, there are spiritual laws. Words create reality. You must understand this. But my Spirit indwells you and enables you to create the reality I have in mind for you."

"Look to me to help you. Do you want to be well? Then immerse yourself in Me, though it costs you everything."

"When you are suffering and in pain, invert reality. Speak the opposite of what you feel. Do the opposite of what you feel like doing, and great power will be released. All things are possible with my Spirit."

"You say you can't do what I ask of you, but don't forget, I am your helper, and I work in you to will and to do all things."

"Life feels like it's falling apart to you, but the truth is, you are being prepared and aligned. Stop exalting the enemy's attacks against you. Exalt My promises and what I have told you are my plans for you."

"Man's greatest challenge has always been to believe Me. The Bible is filled with such stories. But all things are possible if you have faith."

"Don't be content with 'crumbs' in your relationships- I have come that you may have life, and have it more abundantly."

"I know you are tired, and I grieve with you."

"The core of your pain is that you believe I have rejected you, and the pain has been reinforced by the circumstances of your life. You can't heal this. I must do it-and I will do it- in my time."

"My people believe everything they hear but what comes from my Word. They believe in recession and in the reports of disaster. But what about My report and My promises of abundance?"

"One day you will receive that flood of My presence that you are seeking. Until then, learn to experience me in the more subtle, day-to-day expressions of life."

"Trust, praise and thankfulness open a lot of doors."

"Continue to insist upon the power of your words, and you will see things change in your life. Even if you don't believe at first."

"I like it when you think of Me."

"I delight in spending time with you."

"You don't need to speak words of truth to convince me to bless you, but to convince you that I want to bless you."

"I am a God of detail. I like to know the details of your life. Even those which you consider to be insignificant."

"Rest. Be at peace. I am your provider."

"Don't invent quotas for spending time with Me. Let your time with Me be without compulsion."

"Seek Me with all your heart, that you may remain grounded in truth and forget every reminder of the enemy's work in your life."

"Dare to trust Me."

"Do you know what it's like to be friends with someone apart from what they can do for you? Strive for that kind of friendship with Me."

"Focus on what I have already done for you. It will open the door for you to receive more."

"I know the difficult position you are in, and I am coming to rescue you."

"Don't lie in your bed in the morning and meditate upon lies. Meditate upon my Word."

"You don't need a (physical) remedy. You need to declare the truth about who you are in Me. That you are loved, loveable and capable of giving love to others."

"I don't need you to heal yourself. I just need you to trust Me."

"Your latter years will be greater than your former years. I will restore every year that the locusts have stolen away."

"Meditate upon the fact that I died so that you could have the power that raised Jesus from the dead residing in you. And that this power (the Holy Spirit)enables you to do all things."

"I long for you to seek Me and spend time with Me just for the sake of being with Me. I enjoy being with you. I adore you. I delight in you."

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